Solar Works—7 Success Stories from Across the Globe

solar panels

Watch the news and it’s often more doom and gloom than anything else. Unfortunately humans tend to react more passionately in the face of bad news than good news. Because news agencies want to draw people’s attention they tend to focus on the dramatic, the chaotic and the shocking.

How does this relate to solar power? Because you should know there is just much good news in the world as bad news. Perhaps even more. We’ll prove it below.

You know the environment is a hot topic and it’s true that a lot must be done to prevent species from going extinct and resources getting depleted.

But the human race has been at this for a while and there are many success stories. It’s worthwhile
to do the right thing, because positive changes does happen.

To prove this, we’ll list impressive stories from around the globe below that you may not have heard about on the news yet. We focus on simply one niche that is helping the planet in leaps and bounds:
Solar energy.

You may be apprehensive about using solar power because you’re not sure if it can sustain your usage. The Cochin airport proved that if you really put your mind to it and you think outside the box,
anything is possible.

The airport installed 46 000 solar panels near its cargo terminal, turning it into a 12MW solar plant. This generates enough energy for the airport—the seventh busiest in the country—as well as excess that it banks as back up for cloudy days.

This installation made Cochin the first airport on the globe that only used solar power. The system works and even earned the airport the highest environmental accolade from the UN.

Here’s another example of what some creative thinking can do. Thanks to modern design, solar panels have become more durable than a few years ago. In the Netherlands this led to solar panels being installed on bike paths. The country doesn’t use up unnecessary space and it even sparked other countries such as France to search for similar ways to apply it.

That is the ideal: That we all inspire each other to live more environmentally conscious. Now countries are doing it to each other to.

Here’s another country who doesn’t think small when it came to green living. The Lianyungang photovoltaic town in China has been running on solar power since 2014. This is a unique project because it was the first time power generation from adjoining roofs was used in a rural setting.

Once again the solar panels—installed on houses and open surfaces—generate more power than the 129 families really need. The excess gets transferred to the grid.

It seems renewable energy is high on India’s priority list. Another ingenious project led to solar panels being erected over canals. No only is this a power solution for the region, but it prevents valuable water resources from evaporating. In a country where water shortage is a common problem, this is a huge victory.

It also brought a simple solution to the challenge of ensuring consistent electricity supply to the area after years of unreliable infrastructures.

Everybody wins.

Here’s an example of how solar power can easily be included in all aspects of life: Even recreational

Hawk Pointe Gold Club in New Jersey is the US’ most environmentally friendly course after it started powering its facilities with solar panels. You also see a complete commitment to green living here as they created an infrastructure that reclaims waste water. This minimises the amount of water they draw from natural resources for the grounds’ irrigation.

Down under you’ll find a bright green bus which runs solely on solar power. The panels aren’t on the
bus itself, but it’s charged at the bus station’s photovoltaic system.

You get a luxurious ride as the bus has air conditioning as well as Wi-Fi for the passengers. It only requires a recharge every 125 miles.

Solar is being used in every day life and you may not even know it, simply because these stories don’t become headline news. But for 40 passengers at a time, the Tindo bus makes a difference.

Lastly we share another happy ending in America where Las Vegas’ pollution control facility now houses a 3.5MW plant. This city famous for its entertainment also deserves some respect for its renewable energy projects.


If you’ve been debating whether it’s worth installing that solar panel on your Caravan instead or a solar system at home, now you know the truth. Solar works and every bit helps. You can be part of the good news story that’s coming. 

Go green!