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Solar power is beneficial to the environment but also to your utility bill. Get off the grid and help the environment by using one of the best clean energy options around: Solar systems.

Solutions for all environments

No matter what type of property you want to get off the grid, we can help. We’re experienced in working on residential properties, industrial areas or commercial locations. Our solar products are powerful enough to meet your needs.

Only the best

For optimum results and effective energy supply you need premium solar products. The solar panels, inverters, batteries and accessories we supply are highly respected in the industry. We pair that with excellent workmanship so your system works faultlessly.

Let's assess & assist

We make it easy to go solar by guiding you through the entire process. You get a customised solution, based on expert advice.

We do it all

Solar power has impacted various aspects of society and we’re skilled in helping you with all of it. Whether you want a solar geyser or a solar solution for your next camping trip, we can help.

Experts at your service

We have an experienced team available whenever you need assistance: For advice, for installations or when your system has a problem. We’re available Monday to Friday and if you leave us a message online we’ll get back to you.

Modern Solutions Made Easy

solar panels

It is all about energy

The solar power solution is environmentally friendly, but also a reliable and cost effective option for you or your business in the long run. We assist in all aspects of implementing a solar energy infrastructure, so this solution is an easy one for you. Because modern innovation led to solar panel prices dropping over the past decade, it’s now an easy decision to make—Get a solar system!

Here's what we help you with

solar products
  • Solar Panels
  • Portable Solar Units
  • Complete Solar Kits
  • On and Off Grid Solar System Solutions
  • Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Charge controllers
  • Accessories: Wiring, mounting and more
solar installation
  • Consultations—Identifying Your Need
  • Product Sourcing—With our network you get the best, affordable options
  • Installation—Our technicians are available to install or ask us for advice and then DIY
  • Maintenance—We can troubleshoot, repair and maintain
solar advice
  • Ask our technicians
  • Read our informative guides and articles
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