Getting Solar Power—5 Reasons Why It’s the Smartest 2020 Move You’ll Make

solar power

Browse online today and you’ll come across many innovative ways to upgrade your home or improve your lifestyle. The question: which is the best investment that will give you the most value for money.

There are many ways to measure an asset’s value, such as simplifying life, becoming more eco-friendly or helping you save money. Also, in the current economic times and with a pandemic transforming how communities function, it’s more important than ever to find ways to improve living conditions.

Not all investments can help with all these goals. But getting solar power IS one worthwhile matter to add to your to do list this year. Here are some benefits of solar power you may not have considered.

5 Advantages that Make Solar Power a Wise Option

Budget Benefits

If you’re tired of a high utility bill, why not start producing your own electricity? This is already a good enough reason to install a solar power system.

Although each situation is unique, in as little as eight years your solar unit can result in savings equal to the purchase and installation costs. From then on, you’ll save a lot of money compared to what you would have paid to utility providers. Taking into consideration that these systems usually carry warranties of up to 25 years, it’s clear that solar is a wise option.

In light of the fact that South Africa often sees rising electricity rates, it’s imperative to find ways to save. So, if you’re looking for long-term solutions, you’ve found a smart solution.

Boost Your Property Value

Even if you plan on moving from your current premises at some time in the next few years, adding that solar power system won’t be a bad investment. Chances are, the potential new owners also want to reduce their carbon footprint. If they can enjoy the benefit of a solar power system without doing the research or installing it themselves, they may be willing to pay a lot more for your property than a similar one without this feature.

Protect Your Reputation

Other parties that may appreciate your willingness to benefit the environment include potential business partners, clients or suppliers. This could result in better deals and higher sales figures.

How will a solar panel affect revenue?

These days many companies and consumers think twice before associating with a new brand. For some of them it’s important to engage with companies that carry the same values as they do, such as a passion for sustainability. When you have physical proof that you also prioritise that value, you may find them favouring your products and services above your competition’s.

Being More Eco-Friendly

‘Renewable energy’ and ‘becoming sustainable’ are popular terms these days and for good reason. We should take up the responsibility to create a more eco-friendly society and using solar power is a dynamic method:

  • The production of solar energy doesn’t create harmful CO2 pollutants
  • The process doesn’t destroy natural resources
  • Each person using solar power helps a country become less reliant on other electricity sources

Support a Growing Industry

This brings us to the ripple effect your solar power system can cause.

Firstly, your investment supports a relatively new industry. While the technology as well as the popularity may be growing, it requires more people to invest in the industry to ensure long-term success. Eventually, this can result in many more job opportunities and even installations in less fortunate communities; all while we’re saving the environment.

Secondly, when others see your home or business’ new investment, it can inspire them to try the same. In some cases, people simply need someone to set an example and then they’ll follow. Each person using solar power can prompt others to change their lifestyles too and of course reap the benefits.

Book A Free Solar Assessment And Get A Quote

There is not a better choice to make right now. Currently we have an uncertain energy future and acting today will reserve your opportunity to get off the grid.

Be Properly Prepared—A Few Warnings

Even though solar power is one of the best decisions for homes and businesses to make, you need a realistic plan to make it work. We list a few concerns you may have along the way. Use this information to prepare properly and get the most out of solar on your premises.

The Huge Capital Investment

Unfortunately, solar panels and all the necessary components don’t come cheap. This may require you to save a while before you can get the ideal setup. Just remember, it’s worth the investment because you’ll save on utility costs in the long run. Also, with the technology developing all the time, chances are that parts may eventually become more affordable.

The Outcome Depends on the Weather

Anyone installing solar power systems must consider the climate of their area. Without enough sunlight, you won’t get sufficient output. This makes it less dynamic for areas that mostly have rainy weather. Luckily, in sunny South Africa you can be almost certain of having enough sunlight on most days of the year, even in winter.

You Need Enough Space

You’ll need quite a few solar panels to generate enough power to serve all your electricity needs at home or office. So, if you plan on going off the grid completely, you must be prepared to sacrifice large areas of your property. Alternatively, utilise space in a creative manner, as some retailers have done in their parking lots.

Remember, you can’t place a solar panel just anywhere. It must have access to the sun’s rays or you’re wasting that space. An alternative is to simply install as many panels as possible, power some of your appliances—such as your geyser (only with grid tied systems)—and at least draw less power from the grid than before.

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South Africans face daily challenges in getting access to electricity. In addition, rising utility rates and the lack of job security due to the 2020 pandemic make it difficult for many to afford even this basic resource. Luckily, global innovations such as solar power kits are exactly what you need to deal with some of these concerns.

Our team can help you determine the best options for your specific setup, whether for your home or business. Let’s get started.